Monday, March 02, 2009

Hey, you've got to be patient with me because I've been trying to get my blog back online for two weeks. Then when I didn't think it posted, it did. I'm starting my third week in Anchorage. This past weekend we attended the Fur Rondy celebration in downtown Anchorage. It was snowing to beat the band. The first real snow we've had since arriving. In fact, the temps back in Driggs have been colder than here. We've had some dreary and very sunny days. Everyone asks how I mind the cold and I told them there are colder places than Anchorage. It is more humid and the roads can be treacherous. I'm glad Ray got us some studded tires. On to the Rondy which starts out with three days of dog-sled races, including winter parade, outdoor carnival, snow sculpture and fur auction and a dog pull. Ray and I sported our Russian fur hats and were ready to mingle.

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